Technical Specifications for Polyurethane Replica Wood

Properties of Polyurethane

The diverse properties of castable polyurethane make it the leading choice of engineers looking for long lasting materials for their high load, high stress environments. Polyurethane routinely outperforms plastic, rubber and steel in its overall ability to resist harsh environmental factors such as abrasion, heat, solvents, oil and acid.

Polyurethane is a resilient, flexible and durable manufactured material that can take the place of paint, cotton, rubber, metal or wood in thousands of applications across virtually all fields. It can be hard like fiberglass, squishy like upholstery foam, protective like varnish, bouncy like rubber or sticky like glue. Since its invention during the 1940s, polyurethane has been used in a wide range of items, from baby toys to airplane wings, and it continues to be adapted for contemporary technology.

This substance is categorized as a polymer — a molecule that consists of a series of repeating smaller units called monomers — based on its chemical structure. It is manufactured by combining two types of compounds, a diisocyanate and a diol, which are monomers, through a chemical reaction. This makes a basic material whose variations can be stretched, smashed or scratched and will remain fairly indestructible. Depending on the different diisocyanates and diol or polyol constituents, the resulting polyurethane might be in the form of a liquid, foam or solid. Each form has its own advantages and limitations.

Colour tone variance

Our Replica Wood planks are manufactured using secondary toning colours to recreate the authentic appearance of real wood. This means that differences in colour tone may be visible from plank to plank – and product samples may differ from the finished product.

Dimension tolerances

+/- 10% on Length, thickness and width across the range of all planks.

Technical Specifications for Composite Render Panels

Maintenance free Composite Render Board is made up of a Polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.3 mm sheets of aluminium which is coloured Matt White or Ivory on one side and Gloss the other.

This 3mm thick rigid aluminium lined sheet is designed for external use in the construction and industrial sector.
Sheet sizes:

2440mm x 1220mm
3000mm x 1500mm
Our Aluminium Composite Panels are made from a non-toxic low density polyethylene (LDPE) core, sandwiched between two sheets of 0.3 mm thick aluminium with a Polyester paint surface finish.

These panels have excellent characteristics in lab testing such as weather-proof ability, chemical resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance etc.

Standards: ISO9001:2008
Coating:PE Fire rate: B2, B1, A2 class
Surface Properties: Pencil Hardness > HB/> 2H Toughness of Coating 2T
Temperature Resistance -50 C to +90 C
Impact strength(kg. cm)50
Boiling Resistance – Boiling for 2 hours without change
Acid Resistance – Immerse Surface in 2% HC1 for 48 hours without change
Alkali Resistance – Immerse Surface in 2% NaOH for 48 hours without change
Oil Resistance – Immerse Surface in 20# engine oil for 48 hours without change
Solvent Resistance – Cleaned 100 times with Dimethylbezene without change
Cleaning Resistance – Over 1000 times without change
Peel Strength 180 oC – 180oC> 5 Newton/mm
Bending Strength – More than 100MPA
Bending Elastic Modules – More than 2.0 x 104 MPA
Heat distortion temperature – More than 95 C
Product Properties – Sound Absorption NRC 0.05
Sound Attenuation Rw db 23/24/25
Water Absorption % by volume 0.0047/0.0057/0.0012
Core Composition – LDPE Polyethylene, Non- Combustible Material
Colours: White or Ivory Ral1015
Sheet sizes: 3000mm x 1500mm – 2440mm x 1220mm

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